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why i do what i do

can wedding day bliss be someones passion? Well, if so, it is definitely mine.

Taking us back to spring 2017, I was getting ready to be a Bride myself. I had no clue the joy, happiness, and excitement that would come the days leading up to and the day of my wedding. Heart racing, butterflies in my tummy, and a big ole smile that nobody could take away. Overwhelmingly in love with my hunky groom. Life only gives us certain moments that feel like this, and when it is so generous to give us those moments, I believe we should embrace them with everything we have.

Luckily, I had the best hair and makeup "glam squad" of 1. My dear friend and cousin in law, Darby. She was so intentional with each bobby pin and makeup color choice to make sure that I looked more beautiful than ever! But most importantly, she intentionally reassured me that my heart was just as (if not more) beautiful and treasured. I have never FELT more confident! What a way to be prepared to walk down the aisle! ... my passion is sharing that bridal experience with you...... get to know me a little bit better by clicking